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Berry Pie with a Beetroot Crust

It's Purim ya'll. It's coming up!

Even if you're not jewish, it's hard to avoid the reality: a chance to dress up, is a chance to dress up!

I say, why should we (humans), be the only ones to enjoy it?

Let's make festive colorful pastries ya'll!

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All of the photos were shot by Dror Einav

I decided to make one of my favorite pies for Purim this year. A delicious berry pie!

What makes this pie special?

Well, I'm gonna make my crust dough using beetroot powder. Yes. Yes. It shall be pink.

Look, I know what you're thinking. Sounds cool, but is it delicious as well?

As you know by know, I use very unique types of focus groups: my customers. They LOVED it. And, if they loved it, I'm satisfied.

This pie is going to be the star of your dinner party. Because, let's face it, you can't ignore it.

Alright ya'll. Shall we?

Beetroot Crust Dough:

2 T beetroot powder (if for some reason you can't find some, you can use the water used to cook your beetroots, about 3 T)

3 T cold water

300 g AP flour

2 T sugar

1/2 t kosher salt

250 g cold salted butter, cubed

1-3 T cold water, if necessary


If using a beetroot powder, mix it with the 3 T of water and set aside.

In a mixer bowl with the paddle attachment, mix the AP flour, sugar, salt and butter, and mix until the butter is the size of lentils.

add the beetroot water and mix.

If dough hasn't formed yet, use the extra cold water.

Our dough needn't be wet, nor have dry areas.

Once you have reached a perfect texture, take the dough out of the mixer bowl.

Divide into 2 pieces, as even as possible, flatten, then wrap in plastic.

Refrigerate for at least one hour.

Why did we divide the dough?

Obviously we need one piece to roll out our pie shell from.

We're going to roll out the second piece out and use it to make our lattice.

I chose to use the new Le-creuset pie pans, because they're super beautiful. Plus the color matches our pie!

After an hour in the fridge, roll out each piece of dough between 2 baking papers, to about 1/4" thick.

We use one piece to make our pie shell. Once it covers our pan, refrigerate it (just until our filling is ready).

For the second rolled out piece of dough: use a ruler and a sharp knife / pizza knife to cut out straps, that are later gonna use us to make our lattice shape.

Place a baking paper on the straps and put them back in the fridge.

The Berry Filling:

3/4 cup dried cranberries

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup light brown sugar

1/2 t salt

1/4 t cinnamon

1/4 t ground allspice

4 cups fresh / frozen berries - mix the berries you love

1 small baking apple, peeled, cored and cut in cubes

1 T real vanilla extract

1 egg, lightly beaten

An egg, for eggwash


Boil some water and pour over the dried cranberries. Leave it for about 10 minutes, then strain.

In a separate bowl, mix the sugars, salt, cinnamon, allspice and fresh / frozen berries. Mix.

add the cranberries and the apple, and mix.

Add the vanilla and the egg, and mix well. Make sure the egg is fully incorporated.

Take the pie shell out of the fridge and spread the filling on it as evenly as you can.

Once the filling is spread evenly in the shell, brush the sides of the shell with egg. The egg is our glue, which helps stick the straps when we make our lattice shape.

Need I be super talented in order to make a lattice shape?!

Absolutely not!

What do you need?

To be patient, to follow instructions, and to remember - everything looks better when you do it a second time =)


Lattice instructions:

First, pick 3 straps, of the longer ones, and place them evenly gapped, on the center of the pie.

Gently fold the middle strap upwards, and place a forth strap crossing the outer straps.

Fold the strap back down. Now, repeat, but this time with the side straps - gently fold them upwards, and place a fifth strap crossing the middle strap.

Repeat this until you are done covering the pie.

Using a sharp knife, remove any extra dough, and stick it together with the shell, so it doesn't rise during the baking process.

Gently brush the lattice with egg, and refrigerate for at least 15 minutes. You can also refrigerate for as long as overnight.

Meanwhile, set the oven to 180 degrees celsius (or 350 degrees 'merican).

Once the oven reached the temperature, bake the pie for 35-45 minutes.

The dough will be golden-pink and the filling will bubble.

Take the pie out of the oven and let it cool before serving it.

Well. I'm satisfied ya'll!

Let me just remind you, that I LOVE it when you send your products over!

If you use any of my recipes and you like how it came our, send a picture over and I might post it on Instagram!

For now, happy baking and happy holidays!